Follow our pathway to rejuvenation

Step Stone #1  Free Screening or Initial Consultation.

(Free screenings are for cosmetic concerns only. Due to medical laws, those patients exhibiting medical signs or symptoms are not eligible for free screenings.) Your free screening or initial consultation will begin with a brief medical history and physical exam of the area of concern. Treatment options will be discussed and any questions you may have regarding this treatment will be answered at this time. You may be asked to schedule diagnostic studies to identify any underlying disease prior to any treatment. You may be measured for compression hosiery and pictures will be taken of the area of concern. If you are not exhibiting any signs or symptoms, you may choose to go ahead and schedule cosmetic sclerotherapy at this time.

Step Stone #2  Diagnostic Studies.

doppler ultrasound is performed. This is necessary to rule out superficial or deep vein clot, as well as to check for varicose veins and venous reflux.

Step Stone #3  Discussion of treatment plan.

If your ultrasound is normal, you may choose to schedule cosmetic sclerotherapy. If your ultrasound is abnormal or shows signs of venous reflux, you may be a candidate for laser vein treatment, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and/or phlebectomy. In order for you to meet your insurance company’s medical coverage policy, you may be asked to complete a specified period of conservative management, such as compression hosiery, weight loss, and use of over-the-counter medication. After completing this period, if the signs and symptoms persist, we will pre-certify the medical procedure for you. If you choose not to utilize your insurance benefits for the procedure, we can schedule your procedure at any time available without any conservative management required. Varicose veins are always treated before any spider veins to ensure optimum results.

Step Stone # 4  Post-procedure evaluation.

Following your procedure, you may be scheduled for an office visit and/or another Doppler ultrasound to check the treated veins and see if any additional procedures are necessary. If your varicose veins have been treated successfully, you can now begin treatment for your spider veins.

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